Skin Regimen Tripeptide Cream

Skin Regimen Tripeptide Cream

Product ID: skin_regimen_tripeptide_cream
This highly concentrated and multitasking daily face moisturizer protects the skin from stress, pollution, and aging, while stimulating new collagen for a visibly firmer and well-hydrated complexion. The power of Palmytoil Tripeptide-5 -for lines and wrinkles correction - Dandelion extract - detoxifying and anti-pollution - along with three organic superfoods, help to contrast cellular aging for visibly younger-looking, glowing skin. Plant-based, vegan-friendly formula. Cooling, massageable, light-balm texture, ideal for all skins with first signs of aging. For all skin conditions. Ideal for first signs of aging and fatigue and in warm, humid climates. 91,8% natural origin ingredients 100% natural aroma 86/100 Yuka score.
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