Terms and Conditions

Restrictions apply for Taking the Waters admission including, but not limited to, capacity constraints and other closures (weather). We reserve the right to close or shut down operations completely on select holidays, for extreme weather related reasons, and for necessary spa renovations.

A Glen Ivy guest assumes the inherent risks associated with the use of all spa amenities and should read and must obey all safety signage, instructions, the Liability Policy and Code of Conduct.

Glen Ivy is not responsible for guests’ lost or stolen property.

Glen Ivy adheres to the International Spa Associations Code of Conduct which explains your rights and responsibilities as a guest and requires your mutual agreement to this code.

Glen Ivy requires adherence to Liability Policy.


If you are unable to keep your appointment and need to cancel and/or reschedule, please call 1-888-GLEN-IVY (1-888-453-6489) before 4pm the day prior to your scheduled appointment and speak with an agent directly to submit your cancellation or reschedule request. Those calling after 4pm the day before or those who do not appear for their scheduled appointment will be charged 100% of the treatment price on the credit card on file.

Age Limitations

Glen Ivy welcomes guests 18 years and older.

Code of Conduct

As a spa guest it is your responsibility to:

  • Communicate your preferences, expectations and concerns.
  • Communicate complete and accurate health information and reasons for your visit.
  • Treat staff and other guests with courtesy and respect.
  • Use products, equipment and therapies as directed.
  • Engage in efforts to preserve the environment.
  • Adhere to the spa’s published policies and procedures.

As a spa guest, you have the right to:

  • A clean, safe and comfortable environment.
  • Stop a treatment at any time, for any reason.
  • Be treated with consideration, dignity and respect.
  • Confidential treatment of your disclosed health information.
  • Trained staff who respectfully conduct treatments according to treatment protocols and the spa’s policies and procedures.
  • Ask questions about your spa experience.
  • Information regarding staff training, licensing and certification.

Officially endorsed and prepared in partnership by: International SPA Association and Resort Hotel association. www.experienceispa.com


I hereby waive, release from liability, agree to indemnify and hold harmless and covenant not to sue Glen Ivy Hot Springs (GIHS), its owner, officers, directors, employees, agents, representatives, management companies, franchisors and/or licensors from any and all claims for bodily injuries or property damage of any kind and nature, however caused including, but not limited to those caused or alleged to have been caused by GIHS’s negligence, which may in any way arise out of, relate to, or be associated with any treatment at, or the use of the facilities of at GIHS, except for claims arising out of the willful or intentional conduct of GIHS.

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