Skin Regimen 1.85 HA Booster

Skin Regimen 1.85 HA Booster

Product ID: skin_regimen_1_85_ha_booster
Potent hydra-plumping serum with high concentration of three molecular forms of Hyaluronic acid and three organic superfood extracts to lock the water into the skin at various levels prolonging hydration while correcting fine lines and preventing onset of future aging signs. Lightweight formula absorbs perfectly into the skin delivering an intensive moisturizing and plumping action. Ideal in case of fine lines, dehydration, signs of stress and fatigue to obtain rapid and visible results. Ideal under the SPF before sun exposure, to preserve the skin’s water content. Plant-based, vegan-friendly formula. 99.1% natural-origin ingredients FRAGRANCE FREE 100/100 Yuka Score.
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