Sublime Skin Neck & Decollete Fluid

Sublime Skin Neck & Decollete Fluid

Product ID: sublime_skin_neck___decollete_fluid
From the innovative [ comfort zone ] scientific research comes the new Sublime Skin Neck&Dècolleté Fluid, a wrinkle-smoothing fluid with a lightweight, rapidly absorbed formulation. Developed specifically for the delicate neck and décolleté area, helping to combat skin relaxation and correct micro-wrinkles and horizontal wrinkles thanks to a powerful pool of bioactive ingredients, such as toning jojoba seed extract and anti-aging Achillea Millefolium botanical extract from regenerative agriculture. With 98.8 % natural-origin ingredients and a biomimetic texture, mimics the natural skin structure, ensures optimal absorption, makes the skin firmer, and more elastic, and makes wrinkles appear less visible.
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